Strictly Come Dancing -10 December 2016

I have work to do and mince pies to make but it’s still not even 7am yet so I’ll spend another hour sitting here and catching up with Strictly – let’s do this.

Hang on now – this show is almost an hour and a half.  Why are the shows getting longer rather than shorter??

The first to dance are Louise and Kevin with a tango.  They do a fantastic tango with a nice bit of speed and interest and not just a boring traditional tango.  Louise’s dress is also gorgeous, black and white with a red sleeve.  It’s a great fun performance and you can’t normally say that about a tango.  Bruno says that it was a contrary mood to a tango and it was a happy tango and he liked it.  I liked it too, the tango can be dark and dull and boring but this wasn’t at all.  Louise is a great dancer but Kevin is also a great choreographer.  The score for this dance is 37.

Danny and Oti dance a salsa next.  Latin certainly seems to suit Danny and he starts strong again.  There is a lift and I’m not sure whether Danny almost drops Oti or whether it’s meant to look like that but that’s the only potentially low point in an otherwise solid routine.  Bruno loves the fluidity or the turns and tells Oti that she’s a naughty girl and that was a naughty salsa.  Craig thinks it lacked some sort of rotation.  Darcy’s comments make Bruno laugh so much he falls off of his chair.  They score a 37.

Claudia and AJ are next to dance a rumba.  There’s a lot of stretching legs and sliding about on the dance floor.  There are some nice moments but it didn’t blow me away, it was a bit like someone preparing to do their exercises.  Craig thought it was a bit square and it didn’t flow – yes, I agree.  Darcy saw the eye contact but couldn’t see a connection with the emotional side of the dance but she says that the dance was good.  Len tells her that she’s dressed as his favourite Quality Street (is he looking for a retirement sponsorship deal?)  He also tells her that there was a lot of her cocking her leg up but it didn’t annoy him because she did it well.  They score 35.

The last first dance is a quickstep by Ore and Joanne.  Ore’s feet kick and flick him around that stage at a rate of knots.  Not sure about the leather vest but the dance, the costumes and the song all go brilliantly well together.  Ore finishes the routine with a  very energetic leap over the motorbike on stage.  This was a great routine and he might get the first 40 of the night.Darcy says that the energy, focus and attack was all there.  Len says that he doesn’t know if the motorbike is a Triumph but that dance was.  Bruno gives him a one man standing ovation.  Len gets very cross at Craig’s appraisal of the dance and says that he’s making things up.  Craig gives a very mean 8 but he gets 10’s from the rest of the judges and they score a 38 (but it should have been a 40!)

Now it’s time for the second dances but not until Claudia and Tess have done a ridiculous skit – they really need to rethink doing those or actually get someone in who can make them funny.

Louise and Kevin dance again but this time it’s a samba.  Their song is pretty dire with a guy just repeating the world Brazil in a weird fake sounding accent.  The dancing is good and Louise really has the hip and skirt flicking actions in abundance.  Darcy says that she finally noticed a bit of flirting with her partner.  Kevin turns and looks at Jamie and shakes his head.  Their score is 36.

Danny and Oti are next and they dance an American Smooth.  They are dancing to ‘Misty Blue’ and it’s lovely and smooth, classic and elegant with a bit of a lift thrown in for good measure.  Bruno thought that it was exquisite story telling.  Craig said that it was right up his street and he loved it.  They score a 39 but this time it’s Darcy that gave the only 9.

Claudia and AJ are dancing a quickstep.  This is nice.  It’s skippy and happy as well as being elegant and showing great dancing.  It’s a great dance and I much preferred it to their first dance.  Craig is all smiles and Tess tells him he looks lovely when he smiles and he should do it more often.  Len tells her she’s gone from gymnastic to fantastic.  He also tells them that they’ve overcome the height difference brilliantly and, as a ballroom dancer, he knows that it can be difficult.  They score 38 and look delighted with their first 10 from Len.

It’s just Ore and Joanne to dance the Argentine Tango.  It’s intense and Joanne’s legs are flicking all over the place.  It’s dark and mysterious but not dull and boring.  Oh so amazing – I loved it and I don’t usually say that about the Argentine Tango as most dancers make them look a bit filthy.  Joanne did an amazing job with this.  Len is speechless and tells Ore that he has no dance experience watch-so-ever and he has come out and done a terrific and wonderful performance.  Bruno found it mesmerising.  Craig tells Ore that he should be so proud of himself and congratulates Joanne on teaching him to dance like that.  They score 39 with the only 9 from Craig.

Straight to the results show and it’s Danny and Claudia in the bottom two.  I know who’s in the final but it wouldn’t take a genius to know that the judges are going to save Danny.

That’s it – I’m almost caught up and I just have the final to watch.  I was toying with the idea of just deleting the quarter and semi finals and just watching the final but I’m glad that I didn’t because I’ve watched some truly beautiful dancing.  I’ll be back for the final soon but there mince pies won’t make themselves and Christmas is getting ever closer…


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