Strictly Come Dancing – 3 December 2016

I know, I know.  I’m really far behind and the whole thing has finished but let’s see if the winner deserved it!

It’s musicals night and the professionals and celebrities are doing an opening number with Anton singing.  I didn’t know Anton was a singer…oh wait, he’s not really!  Bless him, who doesn’t love Anton – I really want him to take over from Len on the judging panel.  It’s a nice opening number and it makes me smile.

The first to dance are Ore and Joanne.  Their musical is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and they are dancing a foxtrot to ‘Pure Imagination’.  The pair visit the theatre where the musical is showing and meet Willy Wonka.  Their dance is beautiful, like poetry in motion.  They glide around the floor looking confident and telling a story.  Len’s line of ‘Willy Wonka, it’s a stonker’ has to be the quote of the night.  Craig picks up on a couple of issues but says he has swing and sway and it was class.  The scores are in and they get a 36 with 9’s across the board.

Judge Rinder and Oksana are dancing to a song from Jersey Boys.  They are dancing a samba.  They faced the bottom two in the previous week but won out to Ed Balls.  They are dancing to ‘Oh What A Night’.  The cast of Jersey Boys come and see rehearsals and are behind him.  I love Judge Rinder but some of his arm movements look like he should be wearing zombie make-up and asking for brains.  He does get a bit more into the flow of the dance though and the high energy and hip movements suits him and he looks like he’s having a ball.  Judge Rinder tells Tess that dancing is the best fun you can have.  Bruno says that it was a bit flat footed but it was great fun.  Craig also says flat footed and stompy but he has fantastic energy and a bottom that was bouncing for Brazil.  Len says that it was fun and enjoyable.  They receive a score of 31.

Claudia and Tess then do their stupid little skit before Tess introduced Louise and Kevin who are doing a routine to a song from Calamity Jane.  They are dancing a fast paced quickstep.  Louise embraces the character and they do a really lovely job.  You could easily think that you were watching a scene from the musical.  She does a daring move where she stands on the judges desk and then drops down into the arms of waiting dancers all lined up; that’s a brave thing to do no matter who you are.  Louise has come on leaps and bounds and has really come out of her shell.  Craig thinks the routine was fantastic and the characterisation was perfect.  Darcy says that Louise became Calamity Jane.  They score 37.

Claudia and AJ are dancing a salsa to a song from The Lion King.  It’s a good dance and Claudia has no problem nailing the salsa moves.  AJ has taken this opportunity to pick Claudia up and doe as many throws and lifts and bizarre movements as possible.  The judges pick out a few bits but overall think it was a very good dance.  They score 37.  Bruno gives Claudia her first 10.

The final couple to dance are Danny and Oti.  They are dancing a tango to ‘One Night Only’ from Dreamgirls.  It’s quite classic tango but I like it when the line of six of them tango around the stage.  I’m not loving it and I’d say that it was my least favourite dance of the night.  I know that Danny is technically very good but I just wasn’t overly keen on that.  They scored a perfect 40 last week so what will they do this week?  I don’t think it’s a perfect 40 this week though.  They score 38 and it puts then top of the leaderboard.

The celebrities have all danced so now there is a group routine from West Side Story but not before I have to fast forward the recaps of the dances we’ve just seen.  When they said group routine I assumed the celebrities would be taking part but it’s just the pro’s.  We know the pro’s can dance?!

The results show shows Ore and Judge Rinder in the bottom two.  It’s Judge Rinder that goes.  He has been an absolute delight on this show.


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