90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep12

Hi, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you.  I’m still working my way through the mammoth long final episode of Strictly but I wanted to get caught up with 90 Day Fiance because I just need to know whether Jorge comes to his senses!  Let’s see shall we.

We start with Azan and Nicole.  Actually, just Nicole still as we haven’t seen Azan since Nicole got back from Morocco.  Nicole tells camera that she thinks if he loves her then he will change…wrong!  Nicole goes to see an immigration lawyer to find out more about the legal side of a K1 visa.  The lawyer tells Nicole that there is little evidence to prove a relationship as they’ve only spent five weeks together in total.  The lawyer asks if Nicole is familiar with the costs and Nicole says she has no idea – the lawyer tells her that the flat fee is $5,000.  Nicole is also told that they will have to prove that she earns enough to support him.  It is obvious that Nicole went into this with tightly closed eyes and she had no idea of any of the implications of bringing Azan to the US.

Now we visit Lowo and Narkyia who are still in Vietnam.  The couple are meeting one of Lowo’s friends.  The friend tells Narkyia that Lowo was trying to get back with his baby’s Mum – this is clearly news to Narkyia and Lowo now has to try and explain to himself while the friend stands by and looks embarrassed.  Lowo had told Narkyia she was dead so she smacks him in the face with her ice cream and walks off. The producer chases her down for a few words: meanwhile Lowo says to camera that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong – and there’s the problem right there!!  Lowo is complaining that his feelings aren’t being taken care of!

Now to Anfisa and Jorge – they have 13 days to get married.  Jorge says that the last couple of days have been rough and Anfisa nearly got a flight back to Russia.  Anfisa has also keyed his car and thrown him out of his own apartment.  Jorge receives a phone call from Anfisa and she asks where he is, ‘Where the **** are you’, that’s such a nice way to ask!  Anfisa tells him to come back as she wants to go out and talk about everything.  Has she realised that her meal ticket is about to throw her out??  Jorge says part of him just wants Anfisa to go home – listen to that part Jorge!!

Back to Nicole and Azan.  Nicole sits her Mum down to ask her to sponsor Azan so that he can come to the US.  She’s got two hopes!  Nicole’s Mum’s face tells the whole story and she doesn’t even need to say no, but she does.  Nicole Mum tells her in no uncertain terms that she will not be signing for Azan.  Her Mum tells her to concentrate on herself and her daughter and move on.  Nicole says she’s going to see Azan in December and will be taking her daughter with her – Nicole’s Mum says no.  Nicole said that she wasn’t asking her Mum’s permission.  You can tell that Nicole’s Mum just wants her daughter to see sense but she just won’t listen.  Nicole is behaving like a petulant child and she really needs to take a step back and look at her life and realise what a bad idea this is.

We join Pedro and Chantel on their wedding day.  Chantel’s friend Gege seems to be the only one at the wedding, along with the bishop.  At the last moment Chantel’s parent and sister arrive.  At the altar the parents ask whether they got the prenuptial agreement and ask to see it before they will let the wedding go ahead!  Pedro looks so sad, it’s their wedding and there are no congratulations or anything, just a question about the prenup.  Chantel’s brother is at a basketball game rather than coming to the wedding but just as they are about to start River (the brother) arrives.  They have a quick ceremony and they are married.  Chantel is asking what happens in a month from now, two months, a year – talk about not wanting it to work out!

Back to Jorge and Anfisa.  Jorge is ironing a shirt as she’s made reservations (no doubt somewhere expensive) for them to have a meal and a discussion.  Jorge makes a big fuss about how she’s gone out of her way and booked them a table at a restaurant – he’s easily pleased!  Anfisa tells camera that Jorge isn’t giving her enough attention – urm, if you want a fancy lifestyle he has to work!  Jorge asks if she wants to marry him – her reply, after a long gap, is ‘do you want to do it’.  I wouldn’t be reassured that someone really loved me if they gave me that answer.  He asks what she thinks the most important thing in a relationship is – she says money, and she’s really not joking.  If he marries her now he’s more of a fool than I thought.  He’s grasping at straws and would rather marry her than be on his own.

That’s it for this time – hopefully I’ll get to watch the next one very soon.


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