90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep13

It looks like this is the last programme in the current series before the ‘where are they now’ catch up programme.

It’s a bit depressing that this show was recorded before Christmas as I’m seeing all the Christmas adverts but Christmas 2016 is now well and truly behind us.

The show starts with Jorge and Anfisa and it’s their wedding day – no Jorge, no!  They are getting ready for a quick court wedding and Jorge reveals that his family do not know that they are getting married today.  The couple are talking to camera and Jorge apologises to Anfisa for the wedding not being an extravagant affair but he says he’s excited anyway and tells her that he loves her – she rolls her eyes and he’s waiting for her to return the ‘I love you’ but it never comes.  Jorge gives a nervous laugh.  Anfisa says that she still wants her dream wedding and Jorge needs to propose properly and buy her a dress and shoes and everything else she wants.  Anfisa complains that Jorge isn’t driving his cool car today and he has some deliveries to make for work.  Anfisa says to Jorge that she still might not want to stay in the US even after they marry.

Now we go to Matt and Alla and it’s their wedding day too.  It’s Matt’s fourth wedding and there is still the fear that nasty Patrick will mess up the ceremony by objecting to the marriage.  As Alla is getting ready with her sister she gets very emotional.  The guests start arriving for the wedding and here comes nasty Patrick and he tells the camera that he might object.

Lowo and Narkyia are still in Vietnam – I don’t think there’s much chance of these two getting married.  Narkyia spent the night in the hotel alone but now receives a phone call from Lowo.  Lowo is trying to tell her that she’s wrong for having feelings about the situation and he still thinks he did nothing wrong.  Narkyia agrees to meet up with Lowo but she says to camera that it’s just to say goodbye.  Lowo now says to camera that he now regrets lying to Narkyia now.  Narkyia tells him that she can’t trust him.  Lowo is trying to talk his way out of it with various excuses.  Narkyia is travelling back to America and Lowo says he feels like he’s lost the best person in his life…

Returning now to Azan and Nicole.  Nicole is phoning Azan, she says that communications haven’t been great lately, so she needs to talk to him.  Nicole wants to tell Azan about the meeting she had with the lawyer.  She gets through to him and they have a very stilted chat.  Nicole tells him about the meeting she had with the lawyer.  She tells him that she doesn’t make enough money to support him.  She tells him that she asked her Mum and she refused.  Nicole says that it might take two years to get things together and asks what the plan is for their future.  Azan says he doesn’t know if it will work if it takes that long but he says he’ll try.  Nicole is still hoping that someone will be a co-sponsor.  Nicole then keeps asking how much he loves her.

Back to Matt and Alla and the guests are all seated for the wedding.  Matt is at the alter and he’s worried that his horrible ‘friend’ Patrick is going to ruin the ceremony.  Alla walks down the aisle and she does look beautiful.  It’s a gorgeous dress and she has pink flowers woven into her hair.  The question is asked about objections: the camera keeps pointing to Patrick but he is keeping quiet and he remains quiet – maybe he’s not so hideous as first thought.  Maybe Patrick just wanted a bit of attention!  Matt now has his fourth and final wife.

Back to Lowo and Narkyia.  Narkyia is back in America and she says that since she’s been home she hasn’t talked to Lowo.  Narkyia takes her son out for ice cream and tells him about Chicken Street in Vietnam.  The son asks when Lowo is coming and Narkyia tells him that she doesn’t know as she found out that he was lying to her.  The son tells her that he was looking forward to him coming as he wanted someone to play sports with and train with him.  Narkyia asks what he would do if he found out someone was lying to him.  The trouble is he’s 12 years old and really not in a position to answer the question that his Mum’s posing.

Meanwhile in Jorge and Anfisa’s car Anfisa asks Jorge if he has any doubts.  Jorge says he 1000% sure that he wants to marry her.  Anfisa asks Jorge if he thinks he can keep her happy enough to keep her married to him.  If he can’t hear the warning bells and is silly enough to marry her then he deserves what he gets.  I can’t believe Jorge is actually marrying Anfisa, the woman who keyed his car, tried to ruin his business, locked him out of his phone and threw him out of his apartment.  It seems that some men will put up with anything!  Jorge’s face drops when Anfisa says she doesn’t care about the future of their marriage as long as Jorge has lots of money.  Jorge – why did you do it?!


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