90 Day Fiance – S4 Tell All

Shaun Robinson has gathered together the participants from series 4 of 90 Day Fiance so we can see what has happened since the programme.

Narkyia and Lowo are absent from the sofas and Azan is on the show via a video link.

Shaun, the presenter, says that she was worried about Jorge and Anfisa missed their scheduled flight and got a later flight.  Anfisa and Jorge tell a strange story about his bank account being frozen and he couldn’t access funds to pay for the flight – who pays for a flight on the day of travel anyway?  Shaun then asks why they were late to the show this morning and they go on and on about having to get up at 5am and be there at 6am.  It’s going round and round and sounds like an argument brewing – cameras cut to Matt and Alla and Matt’s face is hilarious but the face most rational adults would make listening to this nonsense.

Shaun asks the other couples about Jorge and Anfisa’s relationship.  Matt says relationships are difficult and it’s normal.  Jorge and Anfisa have sent the producers pictures of two very broken and smashed up iphones.  She asks how that happened and Jorge and Anfisa confirm that they threw each others phones during an argument.  This is not a healthy relationship.

Shaun talks to Alla about what has been the hardest thing about moving to the US.  Alla says that her English has been hardest.

Jorge had said on a video that everything has been perfect and Shaun asks if he stands by that statement.  He is very hesitant to answer the question and says that arguments are bad and Jorge says that Anfisa does start swinging at him when they argue.  Jorge had said in his video about Anfisa not responding to his first ten contact attempts and then finally responding – Shaun asks why she finally responded and Anfisa says that she finally responded because Jorge said that he was rich.

Shaun turns the topic to what the families think the relationships.  Matt says that his friends and family, for the most part, have been really supportive.  Shaun shows a clip of the family dinner where the family upset Alla so much that they left.

Anfisa says that Jorge’s sisters have been nice to her off camera but she can tell they don’t like her.  She then goes on to call Jorge’s sister a bitch.  Shaun tells Anfisa that the sisters don’t like her because they think she’s in it for the money.  Anfisa doesn’t deny it and says that she is there for the green card and the money.

Alla is asked if she’s here just for the green card.  She doesn’t really answer the question and says people can look and see if they think she’s just in it for the green card.  I don’t think that was the answer Matt was looking for her to give by the look he gives her.

Pedro is asked the same question.  He immediately says no and tells Chantel that he loves her.  Azan is also asked the question and he says that he wants Nicole to live in Morocco so he’s definitely not in it for the green card.

We are reminded what Anfisa did to Jorge when she cancelled his flight, erased his phone and changed his email password.  Shaun asks if after this Jorge had second thoughts – he says he did.  Anfisa says she did it because she was mad.  Jorge defends her saying she only did it a few times!  Shaun says what we’re all thinking and states – but you still married her!  Pedro thinks Anfisa is crazy.  Matt says Alla would never do that and Alla thinks it’s highly disrespectful.  Anfisa tries to defend herself by saying that the show didn’t show why she did it.  Jorge says that the reason was childish (because he wouldn’t buy her a handbag) and Jorge says that she’s now purchased (with his money) two of the Louis Vuitton bags that she wanted.  Jorge says that Anfisa has no idea how hard he has to work for the money she spends.

Shaun asks outright if Anfisa is in the relationship strictly for the money – Anfisa replies, ‘not strictly but for the most part’.  What husband is going to be happy with that answer?!  Jorge knows and freely admits that he knows this about her.  Jorge says when he has money he’s the best person in the world but when his bank balance dwindles that’s when the arguments start.  Shaun asks Anfisa if she would leave him if there was no more money and she immediately, no hesitation, says yes.  Shaun asks why Jorge would be with someone who is with him just for the money.  Jorge says he does think about the situation and Anfisa says that she’s waiting for her green card before she leaves him.  This is not a relationship – this is ridiculous.  Shaun says that she believes there is nothing Anfisa could do to make Jorge annul the marriage.  She asks at what point is he going to stop putting up with this sort of treatment and he has no answer.

Shaun asks about the lie that Pedro and Chantel lived for the 90 days before they told the family.  They are shown the video of the mini holiday they took when Chantel got very drunk and was dancing up against other men.  Chantel admits that she disrespected Pedro but she was really drunk and never meant to hurt him.

Shaun asks Nicole what she knew about Islam before she travelled to Morocco.  Azan is asked if he tried to teach Nicole about Islam before she travelled and he says that he did but she didn’t really listen – especially regarding public displays of affection.

Nicole’s Mum comes to the studio and says that the relationship is growing on her but she thought the relationship was a scam to start.  Azan is asked what he thinks about the way Nicole looks.  Azan says that he is now attracted to her and in his culture it doesn’t matter what the body looks like but he would like her to be healthier.  Nicole’s Mum confirms that she will still not be the co-sponsor for Azan.  Nicole’s Mum says that she isn’t convinced that Azan loves Nicole because she has seen them speak and she doesn’t see any passion in him.  The other women agree that Azan does not speak with a lot of affection.

Pedro says that Chantel’s family still don’t trust him because of the lies that were told in the beginning.  It’s a shame for him as the lie was Chantel’s idea.

Matt and Alla talk about having a child.  Jorge and Anfisa say that this might be in their five year plan – erm, no chance.  Pedro and Chantel say they have talked about children but they are not ready for them yet and they have lots of things that they want to do first.

Anfisa is asked if she regrets carving ‘idiot’ into Jorge’s door.  She says no and there is a very, very, very long silence.  Anfisa says she has her reasons to do it but nobody cares and the programme is showing her in a certain way.  She has acted that way so what else is there to show.  Anfisa storms off.  The other couples talk a bit about how hurtful comments on social media can be and then Anfisa comes back.

Jorge and Anfisa are asked if the relationship can survive the way it is at the moment.  Jorge says that things need to change.  Anfisa says that she’s made enough sacrifices.

Jorge is asked how he makes things better between Anfisa and his sisters.  Jorge says he has no control over what his sisters think and Anfisa is not trying to communicate with them and she needs to help.

That’s it, show over!

I’ve done a little search to see where Jorge and Anfisa are now an it’s hard to get a final answer but it seems that they have split up but Anfisa is living in California and may have met another man.  There is also huge speculation about how ‘rich’ Jorge really is.  He goes to a lot of expensive shops but doesn’t actually buy anything…who knows.  Only time will tell.


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