90 Day Fiance – Happily Ever After? S1, Ep1

There I was thinking that my 90 Day Fiance watching was over when I discovered a Happily Ever After series.  This is the first series and the first episode so I’m diving in.

The series starts by taking a look at Mohamed and Danielle.  Anyone who thought this couple would have a long and happy life together must have been crazy.  Danielle is a 43 year old American who struggles with her weight and with money, Mohamed is a 28 year old Tunisian who worked out a lot.  He kept telling Danielle that he couldn’t kiss, touch or sleep with her until after the wedding due to his beliefs.  After the wedding there was some other excuse as to why they couldn’t sleep in the same bed.  Surprise, surprise, they are no longer together.  Mohamed got his green card 14 months after the marriage and two months after that he left Danielle.  He didn’t even tell Danielle he was leaving he just went.  Danielle knows that he has a job so her and a friend are trying to find him.

Now we have a look at Loren and Alexei.  Now this couple did seem genuinely happy but let’s see!  They had some adjusting to do as Loren could no longer afford to live in her apartment and they had to move in with her parents.  They now live in their own apartment and they both have jobs.  The couple are planning on renewing their vows in Israel so that his family can also attend a wedding.  Loren has the fear that when they go to Israel for the wedding Alexei is not going to want to return to America.

Now they visit Russ and Paola.  I don’t know this couple so they must have been on season 1 as that’s the only season I haven’t watched.  Russ met Paola when he lived and worked in Columbia – he was then transferred back to the US and they decided to get married.  They live in Oklahoma and Paola is finding the culture difficult.  Russ lost his job so Paola is the only one working at the moment and she seems to be doing a bit of online fitness videos.

Back to Danielle looking for Mohamed.  Danielle has gone to the factory in town that she thinks Mohamed works at but it turns out that he doesn’t work there.  Danielle still seems surprised that he lied.  Danielle is hoping that he’s going through a phase and he’ll come back to her!  We now see Mohamed and he tells camera that Danielle told a lot of lies about the life that she could offer him and that’s why he left her.  Mohamed is now living with a ‘best friend’ that he met in Walmart one day and got chatting to – is he using this poor guy too?

Devar and Melanie are up next.  Now they did seem like a good couple but there did seem to be some underlying secret that Devar was keeping from Melanie.  Melanie’s sisters were very suspicious of Devar but Melanie married him anyway.  Melanie’s son is away at summer camp so the couple are going to Jamaica so Devar can see his family.  Melanie meets her sister and the sister asks why Devar hasn’t got a job yet and she asks how much Melanie has spent ($38,000!)  Melanie’s sister says she will always be the cop and will always be watching Devar.  Melanie’s sister seems to think that Devar is hiding children back in Jamaica.

Paola and Russ are up again.  Paola wants to call her Mum but asks Russ to be quiet as she hasn’t told them that Russ is out of work.  Paola hasn’t seen her family for two years and there is a nephew that she’s never met.  Her family sing happy birthday to her and she gets very teary.  I can’t imagine not seeing my family for that long – it must be so hard.  Paola reveals that she’s questioning whether she can be happy in America as some of the time she’s happy but most of the time she’s not.

Returning now to Danielle and she’s online looking to see if she has any messages from Mohamed.  Danielle has discovered that Mohamed has a dating profile on the site that they met on.  Danielle’s daughter tells her Mum that she never trusted him.  Danielle still does seem to have rose tinted glasses welded to her head.  Danielle admits that she probably needs to file for an annulment or a divorce and try to get him out of the country.

Loren and Alexei again and they are still planning their wedding.  Loren and Alexei are having a problem as Alexei doesn’t want Loren’s best friend at the wedding as the last time they spoke was after the friend had arranged for Loren to have a stripper at her hen party after Alexei specifically told her no strippers.  On a personal note I really don’t see the attraction of strippers – I find the whole thing just so embarrassing and I told the people who came to my hen party that I would leave if a stripper arrived.  I drove myself and was deadly serious – who wants a strange man gyrating around in front of them?  Different strokes for different folks but that’s seriously not for me.  Loren and Alexei proceed to have a huge argument and Alexei tells Loren that he doesn’t like her friend and she’s not coming to the wedding.  Loren gets up and walks away not wanting to deal with the conversation.

Back now to Paola and Russ.  It’s Paola’s birthday and the couple are going out for a meal and Paola is wearing the most gorgeous outfit and some beautiful yellow stilettos.  Paola tells her friends how much she misses her family and they say that they may not be blood related but they love her like family.  They drink a lot and give her a little birthday cake. Russ gives Paola a present and it’s a Nerf gun.  Paola’s face is a picture and she tells him that she really doesn’t know what to do with that.  Russ obviously thought it was going to go differently and the dinner turns very awkward indeed.

Mohamed is sitting in a diner and he is on a web chat talking to a pretty blonde lady who’s telling him to come and see her.  He asks if that means that they’ll be living together and she says yes.


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