Strictly Come Dancing: The Final

It’s been a big watching day and I’ve nearly caught up with lots of things so let’s keep going and watch the end of Strictly.  It gets off to a brilliant start with an advert for Sherlock which is on 01.01.2017.  I love Sherlock but I hope these episodes are better than the one that was on last Christmas.

It’s finals week on Strictly and only Louise, Ore and Danny remain.  They show clips of what a busy week the celebrities have had and show all of the press engagements that they have attended.

The professionals do a nice sparkly opening number and the remaining professional finalists are showcased as well as the celebrities.

Claudia is wearing a lovely dress which is sparkly, silver and slightly 50’s style.  Tess’s dress is awful.  It’s got fishnet stockings where the arms should be and one side is so long it puddles around her feet and the other side has a slit so high that her entire leg pokes out.

First to dance are Ore and Joanne – the judges have chosen the American Smooth to singing in the rain.  The judges give them a little bit of advice so they can perfect the dance.  As good as it was first time around is was better this time.  Len tells Ore that he was screaming the whole way through and Ore has taken great to even greater.  Their first set of scores total 39 with Craig giving a 9 because Ore didn’t point his toes at some point.

Louise and Kevin dance next.  The judges have chosen her Flashdance cha-cha-cha.  Louise and Kevin won the cha-cha-challenge and they want to see how far she’s come.  It’s very good but I’m not sure there’s a vast improvement.  I think Louise is still a bit reserved and you could feel her discomfort.  Craig thinks that the hip action and technique has come on leaps and bounds due to her increased confidence.  Their first score is a 38.

Danny and Oti perform their first dance last.  The judges have chosen their week four quickstep.  They received four 9’s for it the first time around so – no pressure!  It’s fast and furious and they look good.  Oti’s dress got caught on her heel but you barely notice that anything’s happened to her – a consummate professional.  Craig picks up quite a lot of mistakes in the dance – out of time pendulums and something else that I don’t understand when he came down the dance floor.  The judges are all rather disappointed with the mistakes as I think they really want him to be perfect and him to win.  The judges score him a 36 which I think is generous as it wasn’t as good as previously.

The couples now perform their show dances (but not before I’ve fast forwarded them replaying the dances we’ve just seen and another stupid Claudia and Tess skit).

Ore and Joanne are dancing first and it’s a showcase of all that Ore has learnt through his time in the competition.  It’s a fantastic piece, there’s everything you could ask for.  It’s got great dancing, a drum kit that they dance about on, poles that they slides down and beautiful costumes.  A sterling effort from both of them; well done!  Darcy waxes lyrical about it and is very impressed.  Len simply says ‘who could ask for anything more’ and gives them a standing ovation.  Ore’s little face is so sweet as he just wants to broadly smile but I don’t think he can quite believe what he’s hearing.  The judges score this a 40.

Louise and Kevin are now up to perform their showdance to Whitney’s ‘One Moment in Time’.  It’s the story of how Louise started quite shy but has transformed.  It’s one of those wiffy-waffy, floaty dances where there is just lots of leaning and stretching and arching your feet at the end of a stretched leg.  It’s not really my cup of tea but it was nicely done.  The judges, on the whole, liked it and found it expressive and modern and contemporary, it even made Bruno have a little cry.  They score 38.

Danny and Oti are last to do their showdance.  Oti has combined Argentine tango, paso and contemporary.  They start off dancing in front of a frame and mirroring eech other before they get going into a paso.  It’s a great routine with loads of content and movement.  Bruno tells Oti that her chorography is stunning.Len thought there were moments of magic.  They score 40 – well deserved.

Ore and Joanne are dancing their third and final dance.  Ore has chosen to dance the jive again where they achieved three 10’s last time.  They want to go one better and get the big 40.  The dance is massively energetic and I don’t know how they keep going throughout but it’s flawless and the crowd are screaming and stomping by the end.  Craig tells Ore that he’s so good that he has nothing to complain about.  Len tells Ore that people like him give him the most pleasure as Ore has no dance background (little dig at Danny there?) and he’s got better and better and is now a great dancer.  They get their much coveted 40 from the judges.  Ore and Joanne are getting very emotional about having performed their last dance.

The next couple dancing their last dance are Louise and Kevin and they are dancing their week 7 Argentine Tango again.  It’s another perfect example of an Argentine Tango with the sultry mood being reflected in the stretching and legs flicking all over the place.  The crowd give the couple a stomping and standing ovation.  The judges are very complimentary as well and score them a 40.

This is it then, the final dance by the final couple.  Danny and Oti are closing up the show with their samba that previously scored them 40.  It’s as good this time as it was last time and they move totally uninhibited as if their bodies are made of rubber.  Oti’s choreography this series has been amazing and this dance is a great example of that.  Oti is absolutely overcome with emotion when the judges give such high praise.  As ridiculous as it sounds I’m welling up myself!  The couple score, of course, a 40.

I don’t need to be immediately reminded of the dances so it’s time to fast forward for a bit now.  Don’t mind Emilie Sande but fast forward that too.

While the votes are counted it’s time to concentrate on Len.  They speak to past contestants and the other judges about Len and no one has a bad word to say about him.  It’s quite sad actually, Strictly will be very different without good old Len.  Even he looks a bit chocked up and I have to dab at the corners of my eyes – must be a bit of hayfever coming on 😉  The professional dancers put on a classic ballroom routine for a classical ballroom man.  It’s old fashioned and genteel and just beautiful.

The Strictly celebrities now come out and perform a routine – the professionals are on the floor to help out too.  It’s a nice medley and each of the celebs get to have their moment in the spotlight for one last time.

It’s finally time to announce the winner and in usual style it’s dragged out and out and out but the champions of 2016 are Ore and Joanne.  You have never seen two people look more shocked.  I don’t think either of them can believe it as I think everyone just assumed that Danny was going to win.  Joanne looks completely shell shocked.  Kevin is very happy for his sister (Joanne).  Any of the three of them would have been worthy winners but I think it’s lovely that Ore and Joanne have won and that they are so surprised.  Ore thanks Joanne but is in bits while he’s speaking, it’s the sweetest thing ever.

That’s it – Strictly is over for 2016 and that’s Len’s last Strictly.  See you in about nine months?


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