Supershoppers – S2, Ep3

Well, it’s still January and I’m sure everyone could do with a few tips on how to save money now that Christmas is over and the credit cards bills are rolling in.  Let’s see if the Supershoppers have any good tips for us.

They start with online travel booking. is part of a bigger company – Priceline.  Expedia (the other market leader) also has lots of sub companies including Trivago. When Trivago are comparing price deals they are comparing with companies they control.  Priceline and Expedia control 80% of the online booking market.  In the UK the hotels that interact with these big sites have parity contracts enforced on them and are not able to offer a cheaper deal directly than through these companies.  Hotels advise you to pick up the phone and call them direct.

Next the supershoppers are looking at retail subscription services.  They look at ‘Hello Fresh, ‘Glossy Box’, ‘Z Box’ and a doggy box.  Hello Fresh send a box of four meals for four at £64 (£4 per meal).  Hello Fresh claim to be cheaper than the supermarket but supershoppers find that Hello Fresh is 20% more expensive – this claim has now been removed from their website and they say they are focusing on the holistic experience of the whole thing.  The beauty, toy and dog boxes were found to be good value for money but who wants to be sent a load of stuff each month that they may not want or need?

Now they are looking Boo Tea.  I’ve heard of this and it’s supposed to be tea that detox’s you and helps you lose weight.  The supershoppers take the tea to a dietician and she tells them that the main ingredient is a laxative and you may pee and poo more but you’re just making yourself dehydrated and ill.  The dietician says that if it worked they would be using it on the NHS.  They speak to a girl who used Bootea while she went to the gym, she contacted Bootea to tell them that she’d lost a few pounds but Bootea exaggerated her story on their social media and said that she’d lost a stone.  Sadly the only way to lose weight is still eating less and exercising more!

Finally the supershoppers are looking at discount biscuits.  I’ve seen the packs of biscuits that show 8 for the price of 6 in Poundland but the supershoppers show that you can go to a supermarket and buy 8 for the same price.  The ladies look at the most complicated biscuit on the market – the Twix.  There are double packs, single packs, fun sized packs and extra long Twix.  Basically if you want to get best value for money then work out how much the biscuits cost per gram and don’t be sucked into the word ‘free’.


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