One Cross Armchair Critic

This post is a big of a moan from this armchair TV critic.

I was watching one of my favourite programmes, ‘My Four Wives’ on TLC when I saw a little message scrolling across the top of the screen which informed me that if I was watching this programme on Sky TV then I probably wouldn’t be able to see it after 31 January.

It seems that Sky and Discovery cannot reach an agreement about money so Sky’s customers will be the ones to lose out.

I watch loads of shows on TLC channel and I love a good documentary on Discovery and its associated channels.

I’m cross for two reasons: firstly because Sky have not been in touch to advise me about this change.  Secondly because I’ve done some research and not only will the channels disappear but all of the shows recorded onto DVR from those channels will disappear – I’ve been recording Gold Rush to watch with my sister and her family but it looks like those 13 episodes are going to become unwatchable in mere hours.  Not only this but Sky has expressed that they are unwilling to reduce their subscription rate despite them removing a big wedge of channels.

My husband and I have been thinking of ditching Sky for a number of months now and this has just put the final nail in the coffin so I will be handing in my notice to them.  Sky seem to forget that they now no longer have the monopoly – you can buy a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime for approximately the cost of two months subscription to Sky (depending on your package).  Not only do you get loads of great TV but you get free next day delivery on loads of products (no, I’m not on commission!)

Instead of the £30-something I pay for Sky I can pay for Now TV (£6.99 per month and no contract) and Netflix (premium subscription for £8.99 per month) and save up for any box sets that I can’t get via any of these services.

In my mind Sky are making a massive error here by letting their customers down over this package of channels and as soon as my contract is up (64 days) I will be leaving Sky and enjoying my entertainment via Amazon, Now TV and Netflix.

There may be a bit of a hiccup on my blog while I find new programmes and work out where the ones I love can be found but bear with me.

In other news, something that I already watch on Amazon is called ‘Life in Pieces’.  If you get Amazon Prime then I recommend that you have a watch of this.  Each episode is less than 30 minutes long and is split into four mini stories.  The characters are all brilliant, the storylines are excellent and the actors are all great.  My husband and I binge watched the first season and now hate having to wait until a Friday night to get the next episode.

What else have I been watching – oh yes!  I’m about ten years behind the rest of the world in this but I’ve just finished season one of Prison Break.  I bought my husband the box set in December 2015 and we watched a few episodes at some point during 2016 but then we loaned my sister the box set and decided that we should watch it too so that we could discuss it.  Shall I tell you how good it is?  It’s so good that we spent 11 hours yesterday sitting and watching only stopping briefly for comfort breaks and food.  By the end of the final episode I felt as though it was me who had been through it all!  My sister was watching it at the same time and we were texting away  as we were more or less at the same place.

Well, that’s my rant over.  Are you with Sky?  Are you going to be losing channels?  If so, what are you going to do about it?


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