90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 11

Time for a bit of trash TV!  The ‘relationships’ are starting to fall apart a bit so who will get married…

Starting with Jorge and Anfisa.  They are in the middle of a huge fight.  If you’ll remember Anfisa keeps ringing Jorge so that he can’t call his client and make his $15,000 deal.  Jorge then meets his sister’s and asks their advice.  They all tell him to get rid of Anfisa.  Lourdes, a sister, says that she thinks Anfisa came to America to get everything that she asked for handed to her.  The sister’s ask what his next move is and he says he doesn’t know.  The sister’s tell camera that they want her gone because she’s not a nice girl.  Jorge goes home and after opening the front door asks the cameras not to go in.  Jorge then comes out again after Anfisa has told him to get out.  Jorge says that he can only do so much and he’s going to stay at a hotel.  Tell her to go away, right now!  Jorge says that he’s starting to see the real Anfisa and she’s nothing like the woman that he met and travelled the world with.  Jorge says that she’s going back home tomorrow.

Now we move to Pedro and Chantel.  The wedding is tomorrow and they’re still arguing about a prenup.  The pair are visiting a lawyer to arrange the prenup.  Chantel tells the lawyer that she has nothing at the moment but her parents want her to have a prenup that includes inheritance.  The lawyer tells them that it’s not possible to draw up a prenup in one day.  Chantel tells the lawyer that her Mum is going to be so mad and starts to cry – it’s all her fault – if she hadn’t been lying to her parents this whole time then she never would have got into this position.  She thinks her parents will think that it was his decision to wait until now to tell them so that there wasn’t time to prepare the document – what a nasty girl.  Run Pedro, run!!

Nicole and Azan.  Nicole is trying to ring Azan and she can’t get hold of him.  Nicole says that since she’s been home they’ve definitely talked a lot less.  Nicole’s Mum tells her that she loves her with all her heart and she needs to tell her all the stuff that she doesn’t want to tell her.  Nicole’s Mum knows that something isn’t right and she wants the details of what happened on Morocco.  Nicole’s Mum says that this was an impossible relationship to start with because his world doesn’t make sense to her.  She says that when this happens Nicole bulldozes her way through the situation and takes down everything on the way.  Nicole cries and says that she doesn’t know what to do but her Mum tells her that she does and this is not a good relationship for her or her daughter.  You can see that Nicole just wants to be loved and she’s accepting a bad relationship rather than the thought of being on her own.  To be honest, they have no relationship at all.

Moving to Matt and Alla and their wedding is tomorrow.  The couple are going to the airport to collect Alla’s sister who has been able to make it for the wedding.  It really is lovely that Alla will have one of her family at the wedding.  They head off to the rehearsal dinner and Matt wants to talk to his nasty friend Patrick.  If Patrick doesn’t like them getting married then don’t keep causing trouble, just stay away.  Matt heads over to the bar to talk to Patrick who is sitting alone and scowling at the room.  Matt tells Patrick that the wedding is off limits so speak out now.  Patrick tells Matt that the wedding is a trainwreck and a dumb idea and he shouldn’t be doing it.  Matt asks Patrick to confirm that he’ll be on good behaviour and Patrick says that he’ll try.  He tells camera that he’s not sure he won’t stand up when the preacher asks if anyone has objections.  What a nasty git!

Now we go to a real trainwreck of a couple Lowo and Narkyia!  Narkyia reminds us of all of the lies that Lowo has told her.  Narkyia goes with Lowo to the Ministry of Justice to see what’s going on.  It turns out that Lowo was telling the truth about how long the paperwork will take.

Returning to Nicole and Azan – well just Nicole really as Azan has not been heard of since Nicole returned.  Nicole is meeting up with her brother to chat it through.  Nicole tells her brother that he’s a good guy and he’s selfless and he gives to other people.  He asks how often he made her cry and how he treated her.  Nicole says that he made her really happy on the phone.  The brother can see that she had a fake version of him when they were just on the phone and the real version of him is different.  The little brother is actually quite sensible and Nicole should open her ears and have a good listen to what they’re saying.

Jorge and Anfisa again.  Jorge is meeting with a good friend who works in the same industry but his friend doesn’t show up – so he’s a really good friend then.  Jorge starts to talk to the camera crew instead.  Jorge says that he thinks she’s just trying to see what she can get.  He says that money isn’t everything but it seems that it is to her.  Jorge is fed up with the way he’s being treated (finally!!)

Back to Pedro and Chantel and it’s their wedding day.  They look so happy; oh wait!  She doesn’t have a dress, they don’t have rings and there is no prenup.  Chantel decides that as there is no time to get a lawyer to prepare a prenup they will get a generic one from the internet.  Chantel is acting like a real brat – all of this is her fault but she’s taking no responsibility.  Pedro is telling her to be positive and asking if she really wants a wedding – all she does is a slow blink and an eye roll.  She’s nasty.  Chantel has this annoying habit of gritting her teeth and then talking with only her lips moving so I think it makes her look more aggressive than she needs to.  Chantel tries to phone round her family but all of their phones are going straight to answerphone.

We return again to Jorge and Anfisa and Jorge has spent another night in his car.  Anfisa text Jorge that she has done something to his second car so Jorge is driving to his garage.  Anfisa has keyed ‘IDIOT’ into the drivers side door.  He says that he was thinking proposing today and this is not how he pictured it.  Jorge has $10,000 cash in his pocket and he tells the camera crew that it’s more than enough to buy her a ticket home.  He says that he thinks he’s just going to take her to the airport.  He asks the camera crew to stay in the garage.  The two return to the garage later and they are still arguing.  The crew ask what Anfisa thinks of returning home and she rolls her eyes at them and says that she doesn’t want to talk about it.  The crew wait in the garage and they are both back because they couldn’t find a flight.  Why doesn’t he just book her a flight now.  They go into the apartment and Anfisa bangs the door in their faces and locks them out.  Jorge sneaks out to talk to the camera crew but Anfisa opens the door and makes him come back inside.  Just book her a ticket.


The Apprentice – Week 11 – The Interviews

Come on, let’s be honest and admit that interview week is generally the reason that we all watch The Apprentice.  We want to get to know the smug, self satisfied little faces so that when Claude, Claudine, Mike or Linda call the candidates out on a terrible business plan or a lie on their CV we can see that same face going red and looking less smug than it’s ever looked before.

The interview week finally arrived and we were left with the five candidates Courtney, Grainne, Jessica, Alana and Francis.

The first interview snippet that we see is between Claude and Francis.  Claude is back in the zone and tells her that after watching her for 11 weeks he finds it hard to find anything good about her performance to date…and we’re off.  The argumentative candidate has nothing to say and is opening and closing her mouth like an over excited fish (if that causes them to open and close their mouths more often!)

The next interview is a curious one between Claudine Collins and Courtney.  The candidates had to answer the question: what is the one thing you would do if no one would ever find out.  Courtney had answered that he would like to fart in a lift full of supermodels.  I mean, that answer defies belief, how little ambition does that demonstrate?  You can do anything and you’re farting?!  We all have dreams but I’d rather ride a Segway around the Whitehouse or do something a lot more fun than farting!

Mike Suter interviewing Grainne draws the first ‘blood’.  Grainne has shown in her business plan a statistic of 90%.  Mike asked her how many people she had questioned to come up with her statistic and she told him 6.  She went on that 5 of the 6 had answered the question to give the 90% statistic.  Mike questioned whether 5 out of 6 was 90% and she had no idea and started to flounder and admitted that she had no idea!

Linda Plant meets Jessica and asks about the business she ran prior to the one she intends to run with Lord Sugar.  Linda confirms that this business was loss making and asks Jessica questions about why, Jessica just gets confused and starts to fumble so Linda cuts her off and asks if she knows what she’s talking about.  Jessica simply says ‘no’.

Alana walks into the interview room with Claude with little packages.  Claude asks what it is and Alana tells him it’s a sample of her product so he tells her to leave it on the desk.  The funniest moment then comes when Claude tells her to sit back – instead of looking miserable Alana’s face shows a bit of surprise – I suppose it makes a change from miserable.  Claude tells her that throughout the process she has not been a forceful character – Alana underlines this by umming and erring rather than giving an answer.

Mike asks Jessica to tell him about the business.  In her usual fashion Jessica starts to waffle about celebrity contracts.  Mike asks her what went wrong with her last business and asks if she knows that her old business is still listed on Companies House with her as the only director – she has no idea!  Oh dear.  Furthermore Mike enjoys telling her that she’s also registered as a director at another company, she states that this is a part ownership scenario but Mike tells her that the other directors have resigned…oh dear!!

We go back to Alana and Claude where the most important question is posed.  Claude congratulates Alana on having saved a lot of money over the years that she has been working but asks why she’s unwilling to invest her own money into her business.  Alana tells Claude that she’s worked hard for her money and wants to buy a house.  Claude tells Alana that Sugar has also worked hard for his money – if she’s unwilling to invest her own money why should he.  Very good question.

Courtney has an interview with Linda.  On his application he was asked to describe himself in one word and he chose the word ‘awesome’.  Linda enjoyed telling him that one area in which he wasn’t awesome was sales.  She asked him to sell himself; he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and started to drone on in his boring way before we switched away.

You can see the wheels start to come off as Claude interviews Grainne.  Grainne is currently a sole trader and wants to move to being a company with multiple functions.  Claude tells her that the jump is too big.  I’m an accountant so I don’t think that a move from sole trader to company is too much as many people do it but I don’t think this is what Claude was getting at.  Grainne wants to switch from being a make-up artist to running a company that is a training school, applies make-up to customers, a recruitment consultant for the industry and a retailer of make-up not to mention Grainne creating her own brand of make-up…did I miss anything?  Possibly.  Grainne seems to want to ‘do it all’.

Francis meets Mike and he asks what makes her different.  It took me a while to work out what she was doing but I finally fathomed it was buying at end of line children’s clothing and selling it on.  I immediately wondered how she was going to compete with TK Maxx who does that on a massive scale.  Mike asked her how she was different and she explained that they have good customer service in their shops, breast feeding rooms and colouring tables.  Well, if you’ve got all that then you can’t go wrong – or can you?  Mike then asked about the two stores that she had failed to mention in her business plan that had failed and closed.  Of course, there was no answer given.

Jessica was in yet another terrible interview with Linda.  The biggest problem for Jessica here is that Linda knows about clothing manufacturing.  Linda asks how many styles Jessica will be stocking, Jessica starts, ‘we’d have, sorry, no, sorry,’ and continues like that without giving an answer.  Linda asks about the manufacturing and Jessica has no idea about pattern cutters and seamstresses, etc.  Linda tells her that she’s living in a dreamworld.

Alana meets Linda and she’s the first one to try the little package of cakes.  Linda is very impressed with Alana’s profit margins learning that her cakes cost 19p to make but sell for more than £3 – we’re all sitting at home thinking if we saw this stuff there’s no way we’re buying it knowing what it’s true worth is!  Linda is sceptical of the turnover in Alana’s business plan compared with the turnover she currently has.  Linda asks what turnover and margins her competitors are achieving – she admits that she has no idea – she tries to fill with unknown guesses but Linda tells her, ‘you don’t know, that’s enough.’

Claude tells Courtney that he has no drive or vitality.  He asks him ‘where’s the passion.’

Alana doesn’t like Linda asking her about her staff as her only staff member is her boyfriend.  Linda asked if her boyfriend could be replaced as a staff member for the good of the business, Alana really doesn’t like it but says he could.

Claude continues to bait Courtney and tells him that talking to him is like pulling teeth.  Claude finally gets him to reveal a bit of passion about his work and Claude gets excited.

Mike tells Grainne that the numbers in her business plan do not add up.  Grainne tells him that she got a bit spendy happy!  He asks what her roles in the company will be, when she lists everything he tells her that the managing director cannot be applying make-up.  She asks him what she should be doing – not in a sarcastic way but she’s actually asking.  Not impressive.

Claude is funny when he meets Francis.  He confirms that Francis used to have a partner that did the books and accounts and he tells her that she must miss them as the business plan looks thrown together and there are pages in it missing.  Francis tells him that when it was put together it didn’t feel real.

Mike takes on some of the lies in Courtney’s application.  Courtney has sold himself as the top telecoms salesperson in the country – Courtney says it was a typo and should have been county – big difference!!  He also asks about him being head designer in his last employment – how can he be the head designer when he was the ONLY designer?!  Mike then pulls out a sketch pad and asks Courtney to sketch him an idea for a new product.  Courtney says that’s putting him on the spot rather but Mike states that a top designer should have no problem thinking up a new product.  He draws a strange Lord Sugar dispenser – basically a PEZ machine…

Linda is unimpressed that Francis wrote that she’s unorganised and keeps her filing in her handbag.  Francis says that she wrote that flippantly and it’s not true.  When you’re going on a show that you know is looking for something to call you out over why on earth would you write a flippant application form?  If you want any kind of job or investment why would you ever write anything flippant?

Linda puts Grainne on the spot – as a top make-up consultant.  She reaches into her make-up bag and pulls a couple of products out and asks her to explain the USP of the products.  Grainne doesn’t even know what the products are, let alone their USP!

Mike asks Alana how she’s quoted that there are 7,000 independent deli’s in the UK.  Alana says that she’s looked at her own town and extrapolated the information – Mike asks if that’s really a reasonable way of estimating.  Alana has no response.  Of course it’s not!  Some towns have dozens of independent’s  and some have none so trying to look at one town and guess is not reasonable.

Linda has the catalogue of 140 products that Courtney sells and asks why only 33 of them are his own designs.  Courtney thinks he’s been very successful by creating 33 products during his trading time.  Linda asks him why he’s running the business from his bedroom at his parents house if he’s so successful.

Claude tells Jessica that her business is very risky with her paying out thousands of pounds to celebrities for them to wear her clothes with no guarantee that anyone will buy them, wear them or like them.

The next interview showed two women that really didn’t like each other – even a little bit!  Linda asks Francis how she’s got to her stock figure of £121,000, Francis starts to answer but saying that it’s calculated backwards from the selling price (note: that’s not how you value stock!  It’s valued at the lower of cost or what it will sell for – generally cost unless you’re making a loss on it).  Linda interjects but Francis glares at her and tells her ‘let me finish’.  Linda looks back at her with a face like thunder – the screen shot should have been replaced with two wolves bearing their teeth at each other as they snarl and circle around seeing which one will attack first.

That then ends the interviews – as usual it doesn’t last anywhere near long enough.  I’d love a much longer programme dedicated to the interviews – each candidate should have a one hour programme so you can see so much more!

The candidates sit in the waiting area while the interviewers file past them, studiously ignoring them, into the boardroom.  With Lord Sugar and Karren they talk about each candidate in turn before they file back out and Lord Sugar rings to phone.  I’d love his receptionist to pick up the phone as say to him, ‘no, don’t tell me, do you want the candidates in there?’  Please one year can they have a really sassy and sarcastic receptionist?!

Lord Sugar turns to Jessica first and asks if she really wants him to invest in a business called ‘Lust & Lies’.  He is very concerned about her predicted £10,000 per month outlay on celebrity payments.  He is also concerned that her previous business was doing the same thing but the bank balance ‘dwindled away’ because there were so many returns – sounds like a massive quality issue to me.

Sugar then moves onto Grainne and says that her whole idea is confused.  He asks about all of the aspects of the business and one of them is teaching make-up which costs students £7,000.  Karren asks if she’s qualified to teach this and she admits that she’s not yet…she’s only half way through her own course.  Sugar tells her that he can’t see it and he fires her there an then.

When Sugar talks to Alana he asks her about the cupcake fad of a few years ago and she says that she’s far away from that end of the market and her products are not a fad.  Claude once again asks why she’s unwilling to invest her own money into the business when she’s been able to save so much.

Courtney is next and he’s asked why he’s different.  Sugar tells him that if you put novelty gifts into a search engine you get 20,000 or more results.  Courtney says that he has speed on his side but Sugar is concerned that any of his ideas can be copied if it’s successful.

Francis is told that her weakness is scalability as she has no way of knowing what stock she’s getting and in what quantities.  He is also concerned about whether she’s able to handle paperwork given her flippant answers about keeping it in her handbag.

Sugar then decides to fire Jessica as she’s repeating a business that she has already failed at.  Francis is also fired for her business not being scalable.

That’s it then – Alana and Courtney are the finalists.  Are they the most deserving from the process – definitely not but that’s what we’re left with.


The Apprentice – Week 10

We start the week with just six candidates remaining.  The phone rings at 5.30am and Lord Sugar wants to meet the teams in Greenwich.  There are five females and just one male remaining this year.

The task is for the teams to make their own gin.

Alana really wants to be project manager but so does Courtney.  It’s down to their third, Jessica, team member and she picks Courtney to run the task.

On the other team Frances will be in charge of branding completely on her own.  Karren is concerned that branding needs to match the gin.

The teams then do a taste test.  Alana decides on raspberry and pink pepper, the expert in the distillery does not seem convinced about that flavouring.

Grainne and Trishna go for a spiced gin and they want to colour it orange.  Alana is still working on the raspberry flavour and is told by the expert that they have never distilled raspberry flavour so what it will taste like is a shot in the dark.  Their product will be called ‘Giin’.

Trishna and Grainne are getting plastered while Frances tries to get hold of them to get the information to go on the labels.  Frances tries and tries to call her team members but they’re still drinking and ignoring her calls.  It gets until five minutes before the printing deadline and she still can’t get through so she’s unable to put the ingredients on the label.  Grainne and Trishna finally stop drinking and see that they have 19 missed calls.

Courtney, Jessica and Alana get their gin, sorry, giin.  Courtney is disappointed that it doesn’t taste very much of raspberry but at least it’s not a vile orange colour like the other teams…

Grainne is consumer testing and people don’t like the colour and they don’t like the use of the word ‘colony’.

Alana and Courtney go to Majestic to pitch their gin and they make a real hash of it.  Claude says to camera that Courtney is incredibly boring – Claude is awesome!!  Alana is trying to tell the group that you get a raspberry aroma before you drink it but none of the people tasting it get that.  They say that the USP is that it’s raspberry infused but it doesn’t taste or smell of raspberry.

Frances is trying to do a pitch while Trishna is banging and clonking away – Frances has to look over at Trishna in the end due to the noise!  Karren also notes the lie in their pitch about the colour.

Courtney, Alana and Jessica are pitching to Tesco.  Courtney starts the pitch again but completely loses it, stops talking and starts umming and erring.  Jessica talls the hind legs off a donkey, Courney butts in and then Alana keeps labouring the point about working with Tesco.  They all, apart from Jessica, realise that Jessica was just waffling way too much.

The orange gin then goes in and that team are not much better at pitching.  They think that the pitch was brutal but they were just terrible at presenting it.  Frances phones Grainne to tell her how bad her pitch was.  Grainne doesn’t want to hear it so Trishna takes the phone to try and tell her how bad she is but they then end the call saying that Grainne is the PM so it’s up to her.

In a chain of bars the colony gin doesn’t go down very well.  They don’t like the idea of an orange gin and they don’t like the use of the word colony.  They tell them that the gin market is discerning and doesn’t want a gin with a bit of food colouring thrown in for the sake of making it different.

The following day the candidates return to the boardroom to see how things went and if they achieved any sales.

Lord Sugar is unimpressed that Grainne and Trishna drank so much that they missed all of the calls from Frances.

Courtney talks about the pitches and how well he did but Claude disagrees about how good he is.  Jessica admits that she may have gone on a little bit at the Tesco pitch.

The orders are in:

Supermarket – 1,200 bottles for Giin, no orders for Colony.

Wine and Spirits Merchant – no orders for Giin, 240 bottles for Colony.

Bar Chain – 3,000 bottles for Giin, no orders for Colony.

I think Courtney, Jessica and Alana were just very lucky that the other team made such a diabolical product.  Any of them could be going home!

The winning team have a helicopter ride around London while the other three sit in the café and have a very loud argument over their cups of tea before they go stoney faced and silent and ignore each other.

They file back into the boardroom to be told that their product has so many faults with it he doesn’t know where to start.  Lord Sugar tells Grainne that the only pitch she wasn’t involved in was the one where they got an order.

After listening to the ladies blame each other Lord Sugar sticks them back out in the waiting room so he can chat to Karren and Claude before he decides who to send home.

Trishna is busy shaking her head while Lord Sugar fires her.  The other two are lucky to be sent back to the house.

The great news is that the next show is the best one – it’s interviews week!!!!  I can’t wait to see some of them interviewed.  I think Jessica will lose all the mouth and Grainne will also be very different…  Can’t wait.

The Apprentice – Week 9

I’m pretty sure that I only watch this programme for the interview week but we have more weeks to endure before we get there.

This week there’s no telephone call for the candidates but Karren and Claude turn up at the house.  The candidates, in various states of undress, get called downstairs to put on virtual reality headsets.  Lord Sugar is talking to them from his virtual boardroom.

The task is to invent a new virtual reality game and a brand to go with it.  They have to create a playable level of their game and then launch it to industry experts.

Trishna leads one team and Sofiane leads the other team.  Dillon is unhappy that Sofiane is leading their team as he’s an illustrator and says that he could have led the team to victory.

Trishna’s team go for an outer-space/Martian theme and Courtney is appointed as sub team leader.

Sofiane’s team are doin an underwater theme.  It is decided that Dillon and Allana will go and create the game and the other two will be in branding.  Even Claude says Dillon is on the wrong part of the task.

The character name Galactic Gary is being discussed on the other team…  Courtney phones Trishna and tells her about his idea for a lost pet badger.  Trishna is not that impressed.

Grainne admits that she thinks the team was split wrong as Dillon, the illustrator, should be the one designing the character.

Claude isn’t impressed with Grainne this task as he says that she’s not really contributed and she’s not challenging Sofiane.

Karren’s face is a picture when Courtney is talking about Galactic Gordon the badger.  She thinks it’s ridiculous that they’re not featuring the character in any of their promotional material.  Trishna is fuming.

It’s the next day and the candidates arrive at Comic-con.  The teams get to check out their games for the first time.  Trishna is telling her team that she doesn’t like what the sub-team has done.  Jessica pretty much just laughs at Trishna.

The team start to get some feedback on Magic Shells and everyone says that they think it’s a child’s game.  People are also playing the missing badger game and no one can really understand the game.  Dillon and Sofiane go and have a look at what the other team have done and after seeing ‘Gordon’s lost his badger’ they agree that they’re not worried.

Trishna and Jessica are working on their pitch and Karren tells us that Trishna remembers facts and figures brilliantly but pitching is about personality and Jessica has bags of personality.

It’s now pitching time and ‘Gordon’s Lost His Badger’ is up first.  Jessica is pitching but she gets off to a truly terrible start and keeps stalling, stopping and repeating herself.  It’s embarrassing to watch but she does seem to fall into her stride a bit and it gets mildly better.  Trishna takes over and it sounds like she’s reading a science textbook.  People keep asking why you don’t see the character ‘Galactic Gordon’ and why the badger is the only character featured.

Magic Shells is up next and, of course, Sofiane is pitching.  Grainne is invited to the stage to play the game and demonstrate.  Grainne doesn’t seem to have a clue what she’s doing and keeps shouting out and sounding surprised as if she’s never seen the game before.  Dillon takes over the pitch and he is the best of a bad bunch.

Trishna seems to have spent the whole episode justifying who she’s taking into the boardroom and why – she doesn’t even know if they’ve lost yet!

Lord Sugar comes through his glass door (still looks like a toilet door to me) and greets the candidates in the boardroom.

Sugar talks to Trishna’s team first about ‘Gordon’s Lost His Badger’.  Karren tells Sugar that all industry experts thought it was very strange that Galactic Gary doesn’t feature anywhere.  Karren also tells the team that the experts didn’t think there was enough badger in the game, even when you find him he’s tiny.  Karren tells Courtney that he looked terrified on stage during the pitch.

Sugar now talks to Sofiane about Magic Shells.  Sugar asks what Sofiane actually did on the task and he seems very proud that he came up with the name ‘Coral Kid’.

The industry experts said that with a bit of development they liked the badger game but none of them would have any interest in the shells game.  The public also voted for the badger in a landslide vote.

It must be time for sour-puss Alana to go now surely!  Her or Sofaine have to go.

The prize that Trishna’s team wins I can’t quite get my head around so lets skim over that!

Dillon says that Sofiane created an infantile character with a crap name and that’s why they failed the task.  It’s now time for them to file back into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar.

The boardroom is the usual debacle of arguments and talking over one another.  Sofaine decides to bring Dillon and Grainne back into the boardroom.  What!!  How has Alana escaped??

Lord Sugar says that he can’t deal with people like Sofiane in business.  He says that he doesn’t know what Jessica did in this task.  Lord Sugar says that Dillon is a very nice person but he will not be his business partner and Dillon is fired.

Sofiane is also fired.  Lord Sugar then send Grainne back to the house alone.

The housemates can’t believe that Dillon has gone…  Another week down.

90 Day Fiance – S2, Ep 10

I’m trying to keep warm!  My boiler conked out yesterday, the man came today but I have to wait until tomorrow for a part so I have another day and night of no heating and hot water!  I’ve been and changed my bed and thoroughly cleaned my bedroom to warm me up a bit but now I’m tired so I’m sitting and getting up to date with 90 Day Fiance.

We start off with Jorge and Anfisa.  It looks as though Jorge has been allowed back in his own home by the nasty Anfisa.  Jorge is leaving to go to work and offers to take Anfisa out for breakfast first but she shouts at him that she doesn’t want to go.  He then tries to kiss her goodbye and she tips her face away from him.  Jorge texts that he’ll be out at work all day and she gets cross that he leaves her for so long.  Jorge reveals to us that he’s not actually going to work, he’s going to buy her a ring so he can propose properly.  I can’t understand why he’s pursuing her.  Jorge is in the jewellers picking out at $12,000 diamond and Anfisa keeps pinging Jorge using the ‘Find my iPhone app’.  It’s constant and even the jeweller says that it’s a bit weird.

Nicole is now landing back in the USA and her family and daughter are there to meet her at the airport.  Nicole looks happier in those few minutes than she has looked for the past five weeks.  Nicole is dreading telling her family about what really happened in Morocco.  Nicole’s Mum says that she knows Nicole is trying to shield her from stuff but she wants to know what happened.  Nicole says that they had little fights.  Nicole tells her family that he told her that she should lose weight so that he’s more attracted to her.  Nicole’s sister tells her that if her husband had said any of those things to her they wouldn’t have got married.  Nicole’s Mum tells her that she has a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Narkyia and Lowo are up now.  Lowo is at the airport in Vietnam to meet Narkyia.  We are reminded, once again, of all of the lies that Lowo told her at the beginning of their relationship.  Narkyia says that she went to Vietnam because she was suspicious but now she’s seeing him again she’s happy and excited.  Lowo blindfolds her outside the hotel room and then leads her into the room covered in balloons and cake.

It’s snowing wherever Matt and Alla are and they are going for dinner with Matt’s nasty friend Patrick.  Patrick is the one that has made nasty remarks about Alla and Matt’s marriage.  Alla gets on very well with Julie.  As soon as they sit down Patrick starts to be nasty again.  Patrick immediately starts on Alla telling her that he’s concerned about Matt and concerned that she’s marrying him for the wrong reasons.  Patrick asks Alla why he loves Matt.  Alla tells Patrick that she’s never told Matt that she loves him.  It’s so awkward and Patrick’s girlfriend tells him to shut his mouth.  Alla tells Patrick that she doesn’t understand why he’s so interested in Matt’s life.  Alla asks him why he’s going to be at the wedding if this is the way that he feels.  Patrick leaves and Julie says that she’s very embarrassed.  Matt apologises to Alla that she had to deal with that.

Now we move to Pedro and Chantel.  There are three days until they have to get married and Chantel says that they have still not made any preparations.  Pedro and Chantel call his Mum and tell her about the problems that they have had since they told her parents.  He tells her about the prenup and his Mum goes crazy, she says that Chantel is lucky to have him and she then says ‘Stupid American’.  I liked Chantel to begin with but the more I see of her the less I like her.  Chantel browbeats Pedro so much that he just tells her that they should forget everything and he’ll just sign the prenup.  I must admit that I’d be offended if I was being asked to sign a prenup.

Back to Jorge and Anfisa; Jorge is planning his proposal.  Jorge is driving and texting but Anfisa keeps phoning him so he can’t do his business deal.  Jorge is trying to make a call to a client and Anfisa just won’t stop calling.  Jorge finally says that Anfisa’s driving him crazy and at the moment he’s not even thinking of proposing.  Jorge is trying to make a $15,000 deal and Anfisa’s constantly pinging his phone and calling him.  Jorge should turn that phone off and put it in the boot of his car and use his hard earned money to buy himself a new one, he can then tell Anfisa to go away and live a happy life.

Returning to Matt and Alla and it’s the day after the awkward dinner.  Matt says that he tells Alla all the time that he loves her but he says she’s never said it back to him.  Matt sits down and has a conversation with Alla about saying ‘I love you’.  Matt tells Alla that in the US saying it is expected in a relationship.  Alla tells him that she’s not going to say it until she feels it.  She says that she still needs time to feel it and tell him.  Should you really marry someone that you don’t love?  I thought Matt and Alla had a really good chance but if she doesn’t love him then I’m not sure about them either.  Alla says she might feel it tomorrow and say it or she might feel it never and never tell him.  Alla says that they have a good relationship though and she’s ready to marry him.

The final portion of the programme takes us back to Narkyia and Lowo and they are on Chicken Street in Vietnam.  I have to say that the chicken that they’re eating looks pretty tasty.  The couple have a discussion about why Narkyia is there and why she doesn’t trust him.  Lowo admits that he messed up to begin with but now she has to trust him if he’s going to be her husband.  Narkyia wants to go and see an immigration lawyer to get things moving but Lowo doesn’t like her trying to take control and tells her that a Nigerian woman wouldn’t behave that way – Narkyia tells him that she’s not a Nigerian woman and she’s not going to step back into the 1950’s.

Finally, we return to Jorge and Anfisa.  Jorge says that he feels like their relationship has changed (what relationship?!)  Jorge has called his sister to talk about the situation and it turns out that she’s nearby having lunch with two of his other sisters.  Jorge tells his sisters about the argument with Anfisa and how he feels he’s being controlled and tracked.  One of his sister’s say that she thinks Anfisa has alternative motives.  Jorge says that he’s done his part to please her but she’s done nothing to please him; his sister says that’s what happens when you pay a woman to spread her legs!  Come on!  Jorge’s sisters can’t let their little brother marry this woman.

I can’t wait for next week now that I’m all caught up!!!

Strictly Come Dancing – 26/11/16

What a disgrace!  I am nearly two weeks behind on Strictly!  I’ll be honest and say I know who went home from this programme that I’m about to watch but I genuinely don’t know who left on the Saturday just gone so I’ll try and plough through and get myself up to date.

The first to dance on this show are Danny and Oti.  Last week they scored the first 40 of the series so Danny has got a lot to live up to this week.  It’s great that he’s doing so well but he has really left himself nowhere to go but down!  This week they are dancing a samba.  You can’t really say much other than ‘WOW’ when Danny dances.  He matches Oti step for step and move for move.  I still don’t really know who he is so if I was asked to pick the professional and the celebrity out of the two having not seen the show before I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  Let’s give credit where it’s due – Oti is a fantastic dancer and a superb teacher and choreographer as well.  Bruno gets rather excitable about Danny’s pelvis when he gives his feedback. The judging starts with Craig giving a 10 so I think we know where this is going…it’s another 40.

Ore and Joanne are dancing next.  I don’t think I’d want to follow Danny but Ore did get three 10’s last week so if anyone can then Ore can…  Ore was the clear frontrunner and then he went off the boil a bit so I hope he’s back and serious competition to Danny.  It’s better when you have a proper competition rather than one who’s clearly going to win.  If I’m placing an early bet I’ll say that Louise, Ore and Danny will be the final three.  Ore and Joanne are dancing a paso.  I don’t really like the paso and this routine isn’t helping that.  The paso is hard to make look good.  It’s all arms and stomping while looking like you’re about to commit murder.  Ore does manage to look strong and commanding during the routine but it’s still never going to be my favourite.  I think Ore’s guyliner is my favourite thing!  Bruno found it achingly stylish and modern and thought that it was danced very well.  The judges are all impressed but notice a small ‘incident’ so I don’t think he’ll be getting perfect 10’s but he should be scoring highly.  They score a 36 with Bruno giving them a 10.

Louise and Kevin are dancing next.  They will be dancing a waltz this week.  Louise’s husband is in the training room this week to try and help her bring out her romantic side.  I like Louise and Jamie Redknapp – they are the least showbiz, showbiz couple out there.  They have been together for a long time but they don’t feel the need to pimp themselves out and be in magazines, etc all the time.  These are a good role model for a ‘celebrity’ couple.  Louise and Kevin’s waltz is pretty and romantic (if maybe a bit boring but that’s the nature of the dance).  You couldn’t really fault what they did and Tess hits the nail on the head when she says it’s graceful.  The judges enthuse and praise and they score them a 39 with only Craig bringing them down.

Judge Rinder and Oksana now dance the rumba.  I have to say that I found it quite mesmerising.  I never really get the whole thing of a dance telling a story but I thought this was just beautiful.  Judge Rinder has completely embraced the whole experience and he’s done an amazing job.  Darcy didn’t think the narrative followed through but what does she know!  I liked it.  They receive a score of 29 but I think it’s crazy low!

Ed Ball and Katya now dance the tango.  That’s another hard dance and Ed’s character is a male model on the catwalk.  I love that Ed hasn’t shied away from anything and he’s got at it with gusto.  I don’t really know what to say, the dance is weird and looks a bit disjointed.  Ed has been such a great entertainer but I don’t think the tango suited him really.  Bruno compares Ed to junk food and says that he knows he shouldn’t have it but he can’t help but want more.  Craig is his usual self and gives a very critical review…  They score a low, but expected, 23.

Claudia and AJ are the last couple to dance and are doing an Argentine tango.  They were in the dance off last week so they need to up their game to stay.  I think this is a dance where the dancing has no relevance to the music.  It’s as though I’m watching the TV on mute but with random music on.  The Argentine tango is all about legs swinging around, etc and they do plenty of that but I found it a bit dull.  The judges seem to like it and think it’s incredible.  The judges score them 36 but it was a bit arty farty for me.

The couples now have to do the cha-cha challenge.  It was rumoured that the cha-cha challenge was included so it would be easier to get Ed in the bottom two and get rid of him.  Who knows how true that is.  Obviously Ed comes last!  Louise comes first.

Going straight into the results show it’s Ed Balls and Judge Rinder dancing again.  It’s unfortunately Ed that leaves but I wouldn’t have liked to see Judge Rinder go either so it was a lose/lose situation this week.

Right, I have a bit of work to do now and some lunch to eat – I have no heating and hot water at the moment so am having a hot lunch to try and warm up!  I’ll try and watch last weeks Strictly later on today so that I’m caught up.

90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep9

I can’t believe that I’ve been so busy that I now have two episodes of this on my planner.  It’s one of my absolute favourites and I’m a week behind so, while I wait for the plumber to come and fix my boiler, let’s do some watching.

We start with Nicole and Azan.  It’s Nicole’s last night with Azan.  They sit down to have a conversation about them and their future.  It takes seconds for voices to be raised and for Azan to say that she needs to respect his culture and for her to say that it’s difficult.  He wants her to be Moroccan and she doesn’t want to change her culture.  Nicole asks why he wants to marry her, he says because he loves her.  He says he loves her because he feels like she’s the first person who’s really cared about him.  He says if they really want to be together they need to change… It’ll never work!  You don’t marry someone wanting to change them.  People do change over time but you change together, you don’t go into a marriage with the intention of changing someone.

Anfisa and Jorge are up next.  We are told that the producers couldn’t reach Jorge and Anfisa for their scheduled shoot.  When the producers get through to Anfisa she tells them that they are in the middle of a fight…  They go and see Anfisa and with a smug look on her face she tells the crew that she kicked him out of the apartment – she’s such a nasty woman.  Why is Jorge wasting so much time, energy and money on her??  Jorge phones Anfisa and she berates Jorge for leaving her alone in a foreign country!  Erm, she just said that she kicked him out.  What is the matter with her.  Jorge asks what he can do to fix the situation, she says that he can’t fix stupid.  She then tells him to come and get his stuff from her apartment.  She asks for the money to book the flight back to Russia, he says he’ll come with the money.

Narkyia and Lowo are up next.  Narkyia reminds us how Lowo lied about everything at the beginning of their relationship.  Lowo told Narkyia that he needed to get some paperwork from Vietnam, Narkyia decides that she wants to see what’s going on so she’s going to Vietnam too.  We now meet Lowo for the first time.  Lowo needs to get a document to confirm that he doesn’t have a criminal record in Vietnam.  Lowo says that trust issues have affected their relationship a lot – that’s probably because you’ve lied about everything!  He tells us that when he started speaking to Narkyia online he was speaking to a lot of women to try and develop a relationship with one of them so her could get a green card and move to the US – this guy sounds like such a catch!  Perhaps he can hook up with Anfisa and they can go and live in their web of nasty lies somewhere together.  Lowo says that he got stuck in a lie because he fell in love with Narkyia…hmm, did he though or did he fall in love with getting his green card.  Oh yes, he actually says that he’s marrying Narkyia for a green card.

Now Pedro and Chantel and it’s four days before they have to marry.  Chantel and Pedro are having a meet up with her parents.  Chantel is hoping that they’ve warmed up to the idea and will help with the wedding planning.  If you only have four days to get married then you don’t really have time for wedding planning!  The parents ask if Chantel’s thought about a pre-nup.  Pedro seems rather offended and tells Chantel that it’s because of her that nobody trusts him.  Chantel still seems reluctant to accept that this whole ridiculous situation is her fault.  She says that her parents don’t want her to get married and I wonder if she actually wants to get married – if she does then she should have the arrangements in place and be ready to marry him.

Now to Matt and Alla and it’s Matt’s bachelor party.  Everyone keeps going on about the fact that this is his fourth bachelor party.  The guys board a party bus and they tell Matt that one of his ex-wives will be stripping for them today.  Matt says at least he finally figured out how to find the right woman, some of his friends say that all he figured out how to do was look up Russian brides on the internet.  That seems massively unpleasant as Alla seems lovely – not like potential Russian bride Anfisa!  Matt has no interest in the stripper and is upset with the way his friends are treating him.

Back to Jorge and Anfisa.  Anfisa smugly says how last night Jorge spent the night in his car in a parking lot.  He comes back to the apartment and starts to apologise to her.  She has a nasty smirk on her face as he’s repeatedly telling her how sorry he is for everything and for the way he acted – he’s mental.  He’s done nothing wrong, she is the one that needs to be apologising!  She moans that he apologises but didn’t bring her a present.  Why is Jorge still trying to hug her when she’s such a nasty piece of work.  Anfisa is cross that she still has no ring and he hasn’t bought her a bag.  Anfisa says that Jorge needs to prove that he loves her – buying you things isn’t proving you love someone.

Matt and Alla again and Alla is having her bachelorette party with one girl she knows and friends of that girl.  Alla seems to be having fun getting out and dancing.

Back to Vietnam and Narkyia and Lowo.  Lowo is in the hotel getting ready to pick up Narkyia.  He’s filling the room with things she loves – he says cakes and shows plates and plates of cakes.  He then gets out some fluffy handcuffs.  Lowo goes to the airport with a bunch of flowers and they are reunited.

We return to Morocco on Nicole’s last day.  Nicole says that she doesn’t want to go.  Azan’s family wave her off and say that they will miss her.  Nicole tells camera that even if Azan changes it will be hard to forget everything that happened on the trip.  At the airport Azan says that he feels guilty for not treating Nicole the way she deserved to be treated.  Nicole says that she wishes she could kiss him, he says he wishes it too but they can’t.  Nicole gets very upset when she leaves him and she notices that he doesn’t seem to be sad and she says that he should show some emotion and shed a tear or two.  Nicole says that she’s afraid that this will be the last time that she sees him.  Azan says in a way he’s glad that she’s leaving because now they don’t have to fight anymore.

Even the voice over guy says that it’s real love right there and questions whether any of the couples even like each other!

Blimey – see you next time!!

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

I have finally caught up!  I don’t know what they’re up to this year but most of the programmes have been an hour and a half so once you get a bit behind there’s a lot of watching required to catch up!

So, what has stuck out to me while watching six episodes in close succession?  Honestly?  Not a lot.  This year it’s been pleasant and nice but there’s not been a lot of memorable moments.

Danny Baker left first, then Lisa, Olla, Carol, Jordan and Larry have also gone.  I’m very surprised that Larry has left but he hasn’t been the character that I thought he would be.  I wasn’t surprised by any of the others leaving, I thought maybe Jordan would have stayed a little longer.

I have enjoyed Ant & Dec and their ‘Shut Up Martin’ and ‘Oooh Martin’.  I’ve also enjoyed Ant’s ‘admiration’ of Larry.

One of the best days in the jungle, for me, was when Joel was given his secret missions.  I think Joel is a very likeable character.

Some of the challenges have been tough but the contestants this year have just gone for it and the only one where they didn’t get many stars was when it was just impossible to find them – when Joel and Sam were in the windmill.

Now, the other thing that I’ve noticed is that Scarlett seems to have received a disproportionate amount of air time compared to the other celebrities.  Maybe she’s done more or maybe I’ve imagined it.  I have read articles which say that ITV have ‘fixed it’ for Scarlett to win – maybe this is why the articles say that but who knows.  Surely if it’s a public vote then people will vote for whoever they like rather than who has the most screen time.  Who knows?  The trouble is that you don’t seem to be able to have a reality TV show now without someone trying to say that it’s fixed!

So, I’m a Celebrity now only has a few days left to run and I really can’t call who’s going to win.  I’d like to see Joel win but I’m not sure that he will.

What have you thought about the series so far this year?

90 Day Fiance – S 4, Ep 8

It’s week 8 and the wheels are definitely coming off for some of the couples.

We start with Anfisa and Jorge.  They are going ring shopping so that Jorge can find something that Anfisa loves.  Anfisa wants at least 3 carats!  The first ring that she tries on is about $75,000.  Anfisa, of course, then wants to try on a 5 carat ring and it’s $150,000.  Anfisa says that the ring shows how much he loves her…  Jorge says that the budget is £35-45,000.  Anfisa looks at Jorge with evil eyes and tells the lady at the shop they need a bit of time to think so that she can make him buy something more expensive.  Anfisa’s piece to camera says that Jorge promised her he would buy her things if she came to America and now she’s here he’s not coming through – I’m pretty sure it didn’t include buying her a 5 carat $150,000 ring!

Now to Azan and Nicole.  Nicole has ben in Morocco for four weeks and has to go home in four days.  They are at a café and Azan complains to Nicole that she’s always using her phone.  Nicole tells him that’s because she has no-one to talk to.  She’s upset that the trip didn’t turn out like she thought it would, Azan is upset that Nicole complained so much about the desert.  Back in Florida her sister is a bit upset that she’s left her daughter for so long and her Mum is worried about how her daughter is.

We now visit Matt and Alla.  They have 27 days to get married.  Alla has invited Matt’s Mum to come over as she has no friends in America and no one to help with the wedding.  Alla brought her wedding dress with her from the Ukraine so she puts it on to show Matt’s Mum.  Alla tells Matt’s Mum that she wants a wedding on the beach.  Matt’s Mum says that Matt’s last wedding was on the beach…

Pedro and Chantel now have 5 days to get married.  She told her parents at the very last minute so I have no idea how Chantel thinks she can make arrangements in 5 days.  River, her brother, wants to meet her.  River tells her that none of the family are happy (by the way, why do adult children call their parents Mummy and Daddy?)  River tells her that they never thought she would lie like this and she’s let everyone down.  River also says that he doesn’t like Pedro and he doesn’t want to see him again.  River says to camera that Pedro turned his sister into a liar.  It’s very unfair on him as the whole thing was her idea!

Matt and Alla are throwing a birthday party for Max and they are having a family day out.  While the children are off playing Matt’s Mum and Alla sit and chat.  Matt’s Mum tells her that a beach wedding is very expensive for the family to get to Florida.  She says if it’s important for Alla to have the family there then she can’t have it on the beach as the family can’t afford to fly to the wedding.  Matt’s Mum seems nice but is she just very clever?

Back in Morocco Nicole has 3 days left.  Azan is worried that Nicole doesn’t love his culture.  Azan explains to Nicole that in his religion the men go to work and the women stay home all day and Nicole tells him that she’s not going to stay at home with the kids all day.

Matt and Alla are going to pick out wedding clothes for him and Max.

Back now to Jorge and Anfisa and they go to a Russian restaurant for lunch.  Jorge says that he and Anfisa need to have an honest conversation about money.  Jorge tells her that she needs to compromise on the dress or the ring as they have a short amount of time and a limited budget.  She tells him that he should compromise and sell his car – cheeky woman!!  She says she’s being very reasonable and not asking for a million dollar dress and a million dollar ring!  Jorge tells her that a relationship isn’t based on material items, she tells him that he’s annoying.  Jorge asks her what would happen if he didn’t have the ability to buy expensive things and she tells him that she wouldn’t be sitting here with him now.  He confirms with her that she’s only dating him because he can buy her things – without pause or hesitation she says yes.  She’s quite a catch! – Oh, hang on…  Is Jorge finally started to take his rose tinted glasses off.  Anfisa says there’s nothing wrong with that because if she was ugly and fat he wouldn’t be dating her.  Jorge asks her, what happens if he gets her the dress and the ring and gives her the most perfect wedding in the world but then gets hurt and can’t work, would she leave him.  She shrugs her shoulders and then says to camera that she’s beautiful and likes nice things and she expects him to pay for it all.  Come on Jorge – please make her go back home, she’s using you for your money!!!!  Jorge tells her that it’s frustrating and she doesn’t behave like she’s ready to be in a committed relationship.  Anfisa says that she’s thinking about going back to Russia.  Jorge says he won’t stop her as she doesn’t seem to care about him.  Jorge doesn’t know what his next move is.  Anfisa has the look of the cat that got the cream.

Matt and Alla are visiting a local wedding venue that Matt’s Mum has found.  Alla doesn’t like how involved Matt’s Mum is in the wedding and she’s concerned about conflicts.  Alla said that she had a dream to have a wedding on the beach but Matt’s Mum has found a space that’s actually beautiful and perfect for their wedding.

We return to Azan and Nicole and there’s only 2 days left before Nicole has to leave.  Nicole says that they have been arguing a lot.  Nicole is meeting her Mum’s friend who has an Algerian fiancé.  She tells Nicole that she’s lived the life and the people and the culture for 3 years.  Nicole thinks that if Azan goes to American he won’t worry about his culture and religion and the friend tells her that it will never happen, he will always think Moroccan.  The friend tells her not to hold onto a fairytale because she thinks she can change the ending.

Next time Chantel and Pedro are with her parents and they are asking about a pre-nup.  It’s Matt’s bachelor party.  It’s Nicole’s last night with Azan.  Anfisa has kicked Jorge out of the apartment, he’s asking what he can do to fix things and she says that she wants the money to buy a ticket back to Russia (do it!!).

See you next time!!

The Apprentice – Week 8

Firstly, how are there still 9 candidates left?  This seems to have been on for ages so far this year!

At 5am the house gets a call telling them that they are meeting Lord Sugar at the National Portrait Gallery.  Lord Sugar tells them that the National Portrait Gallery hosts evening events to generate income and the teams will be holding their own evening event at some famous London landmarks.  Titans get the London Aquarium and Nebula get Madame Tussauds (I hate that place!)

The teams must arrange the event and the entertainment and sell tickets.  The guests of the events will be able to say whether they think their entrance fee was good value for money and they will be able to ask for their money back…

Paul will be team leader and will be working with Francis.  Jessica will be the sub-team leader.  They are going to go for a casino night and Paul thinks they can charge £65 per person…  Claude points out that the team start out not knowing what they are doing – some of the team think that the ticket price includes hot food but it doesn’t!

Dillon will be the other team leader with sub-team leader of Courtney.  Courtney thinks a ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ is a good event type!

Paul tells Jessica that the ticker price is £50 but if they get a table of 8 the price can be dropped to £45.  She goes ahead and sells the tickets at £35 and she tells them that the hot food is included whereas the hot food is supposed to be an upsell and the ticket price is only supposed to include a drink on arrival and a few canapes.

Dillon and Alana go and meet a couple of mermaids in a pub.  They are expecting the mermaids to get into the tanks and swim about with the fish.  Alana, having seen the entertainment, is worried about their offering but is planning on giving their guests lots more drinks and nibbles.

Paul tells Jessica now that the hot food is separately charged…how many tickets have they sold on the basis that hot food is included?

Karren is giving Dillon the evil eye as he’s only worried about the dressing of the rooms and not the event itself.

As the day wears on Paul phones Jessica and tells her that the new pricing structure is that tickets will be £28 or for group bookings £22.  Erm, I see a disaster ahead if people start chatting…  Claude thinks it will be a miracle if they even break even after they have incurred their costs.  Meanwhile Courtney and Grainne find out that the mermaid isn’t in the water…  They seem rather subdued trying to sell now.

Dillon and Alana are purchasing their canapes and drinks and they are splashing the cash.  Across the hall Paul doing the shopping and he’s also finding out that Sofianne has been selling tickets for £21.   They are really skimping on the canapes and trying to cut costs.

Paul switches out Francis and Jessica.  Jessica isn’t happy that she’s been removed as sub-team leader.

On day two the teams split their members between standing outside the venue to sell more tickets and in the kitchens making the canapes.

Claude asks what Paul’s doing as he’s making canapes that are a thick slice of cucumber with a blob of cream cheese on top – erm, this isn’t a canapé that I’ve ever seen.

Claude seems to be having fun in Madame Tussauds clinking glasses with the wax models.

In the aquarium it’s all gone to pot.  Guests can buy tickets for a tour.  There are 15 available but they end up selling 30 and then have to find people to disappoint and refund.  Courtney leads the tour but he has no idea about the fish and is a terrible guide.  His guests look pretty bored.

The hot food up selling is going pretty bad for both teams.  Paul is getting into a very awkward position as some of his guests were told that they had hot food included.  Paul and Jessica have a big blow up in front of the guests – Claude says that it’s not the time or the place.

In the aquarium Dillon starts to sing and Karren’s face says it all.  Who’s need emoji’s when you have Karren Brady.

Paul decides that he will have to give some of his guests their hot meal for free to avoid them asking for refunds.

At 10pm the parties finish – probably for the best, I wouldn’t have wanted to be at either of those events to be honest!

Lord Sugar goes to Titans and Dillon at the aquarium.  Karren tells Alan that they made very good canapes but they made 400 of them and as all of the guests were full they only sold one hot meal.  Karren also says that Dillon singing was worse than it sounds…  Sugar then asks about the VIP tour tickets and how they had oversold and then refunded more tickets than some people had actually bought.

Next team Nebula and Paul at the waxworks.  Lord Sugar finds out about the ticket prices continually falling.  Lord Sugar sounds like he’s doing a reverse auction as he goes through the various tumbling ticket prices.  My sister told me that I would be likely to use the word ‘shambles’.  I think that sums up perfectly what happened within team Nebula.  Sugar then asks Sofianne about the canapes and just laughs.

Claude reports Nebula took £2,08.82 and spent £958.16 leaving a profit of £1,127.64.

Karren reports that Titans took £3,149.75 and spent £749.09 leaving a profit of £2,400.66.  Quite a clear win!

At the café everyone is trying to pin the blame on Jessica for selling tickets including food.  She tries to say that she wasn’t the only one selling tickets on that basis but neither of the others will admit that.  All hell breaks loose and they all just end up screaming at each other while Sofianne smirks and seems to quite like the disharmony in the team.

Blame shifts around the room time and again and Paul is being quite rude to Sugar.  I think it would be fair to say that he’s back-chatting Lord Sugar.  Paul decides to bring back Jessica and Francis.

When the candidates step outside Lord Sugar tells Claude and Karren that Paul’s got anger issues…

Lord Sugar has to tell Paul to stop being aggressive with him.  I think Paul’s days are numbered.  Lord Sugar has seen enough of Paul to tell him that he’s fired.  Paul is the first one to not do all of that ‘thank you for the opportunity’ BS.  In the taxi Paul says that Lord Sugar has made the wrong decision and is welcome to throw his money after dead weights.

Next week the candidates have to design a virtual reality game.